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Our Blog

Posted By: Simon Dwyer



On your marks, get set, go - and you are off to 2015! 52 weeks of full-on, energised focus on building your business. Well, at Seafox our experience tells us the calendar year and for some of you the financial year too is, particularly for the purpose of business building, now defined into three active periods. Why? well, quality of business life for instance with more people taking statutory holidays especially at Easter and Summer (three weeks not uncommon). People now get away from the workplace and still check their emails every hour thus, feeling like they're keeping the business ticking over without having to meet and talk to people, seems to be vogue and #trending.

So 2015 period one is always a full on assault for 13 weeks, from now until Easter holiday time in early April. There's no excuses and this 13 week period will define the remainder of the year. As for Seafox, in period one we're looking forward to being part of the 10th North Atlantic Seafood Forum taking place in Bergen, the first week in March and developing links with new partners forged in 2014 including the Seafood Grimsby and Humber Group.

Period two can for those involved in overseas trade be a painfully short period starting mid-April and ending the last week in June - 10 weeks (not including all the bank holidays across Europe). Followed by a European and UK 9 week summer break mixed up with 'their' holidays and 'our' holidays. So what can you look forward to in period two? well if your year started as a "good year " then you haven't too many weeks in this period to cock it up. For those who have a "not so bad year so far", will be frustrated with the short period in order to turn it into a "good year". And for those who started "disastrously" then be grateful for your holidays after you've cut the cloth accordingly for a last minute dash in period three.

Period three activity gets under way early September when the UK holidays cease and end first week in December - why first week in December you ask? well, that's when everyone just simply can't be arsed to do anything before winding down for Christmas and starts preparing for same again in 2016. So during this 14 or so week period Seafox is especially looking forward to Grimsby, our home base, hosting the World Seafood Congress which takes place from 5th to 9th September 2015 and will see several hundred visitors from around the world converge on the area which hosts one of the largest seafood processing clusters in Europe.

So 2015 business activity squeezed into three periods over 36 weeks may now seem a reality in planning the year. However, despite this, remember being agile with decision making, innovative, energised, keeping a tight control on cash and holding onto the talented and competent people is a 365 day a year job!

A happy and prosperous New Year to you all from Seafox.