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Our Blog

Posted By: Simon Dwyer



Firstly, I'm not an avid Mail Online reader (let's get that straight !) but I came across this article - -  via our @Seafoxnews Twitter account this week which captures the links between the prestigious UK sporting events we host and the opportunities created for business. The linkages between sporting events and businesses is nothing new but I feel that the recent Grand Dèpart Tour De France in Yorkshire took the scale of opportunity to a new level, particularly for the regional economy and the good stuff that is produced by Yorkshire businesses.

So why mix sport with business? Well, apart from the weather what else do we in business have in common with our business partners and network? Sport! "Who do you follow?", "My son plays ice hockey at the weekends", "We have horses for my daughters to ride" as against the now passé, conversations such as "How much do you earn?", "What's your job title?", "What car do you drive?" Sport & Business are as compatible as Gin & Tonic!

Sport now offers the chance to leverage the interface with business whether that's on a local, regional or national level. Closer to our Seafox home, sport may want to consider organising itself regionally by collaborating with for instance, other regional football clubs or football collaborating with other sports such as cricket, in making an offering to business.

Good businesses will always seize the chance to supply goods and services to sporting events or use these to engage in business networking opportunities or show-case. What's interesting also is how sport that's engaged in overseas competitions can link business to trade to create export opportunities. If for example, Hull City football club who embark this season in the Europa League competition are drawn against a team from Norway and Norway is a major trading partner to the Humber region then can football be the conduit to bring together business and create trade? I'm certain it can and the willingness to make it happen can be through sport.

One excellent example of how sport can come together with business overseas is the Clipper yacht race organisation headed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. The CBI organisation describe Clipper as 'A British-based company established by yachting legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world in 1968-9, is flying the flag for UK business - providing a global platform for the GREAT Britain campaign on its 40,000-miles journey round major markets on six continents.'

Simon Dwyer is the CEO of Seafox Management Consultants and an avid sports fan who does some business now and again!