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Posted By: Brent Newton, HR Superheroes




I was at an HR conference a few years ago where the legendary (neutron) Jack Welch – former Chairman and CEO of General Electric and voted Business person of the century, was the keynote speaker.

He stood up and the first words he spoke after the greeting went something like this ‘‘Every great company I know, has a great HR department, so there must be something in this’’. Vindication at last …. HR is needed by the great (and not so great) companies!

What Jack Welch was highlighting is that a company will find it difficult to achieve its full potential if the HR department is not ‘’pulling its weight’’. This means that HR must have a positive impact and add value to a company – if this is the case, then are we superheroes or villains? Are we doing what we are supposed to be doing? There has long been a yearning for HR to be regarded as strategic partners i.e. to be invited to sit at the Boardroom table and give meaningful input to the strategy.

It is absolutely vital that HR is able and capable of influencing the strategy of a company, whether it is G E or an SME with 30 staff, because ultimately, it is people (human resources) who will deliver on the strategy. This can be achieved if HR really understands the company, in other words, where does our profit come from, what is our gross margin, what is our return on investment and where are we vulnerable regarding our people – this doesn’t mean that HR have to become financial directors, but what it does mean is that HR need to be business oriented and HR oriented. Allied to this point, we also need to use language that the ‘business’ understands and can align with. How can HR help a company if they do not know how it functions and where its growth areas and vulnerabilities are situated!

If it is not feasible for your company to have a dedicated HR person, the principles above still apply. They will need to understand your company – what is your culture, where you are now, where do you want to go in the future, how are you going to get there and what type of people will you need at various stages of the journey. This is where HR really makes a difference regarding the strategy of the company.

Thought for the day:

‘’What can I do today to get to know the business better’’?


For further emphasis on this topic, please press control and click on to this recent research by Professor Edward Lawler III for Forbes (2012) – stating the time is right for HR to play a key role in business strategy development and implementation.

Posted By: Leanda Ashley



By popular demand and with Good Friday and the Easter holidays fast approaching, Seafox would like to excite your appetite with another delicious recipe using traditional smoked fish…….

Traditional Smoked Haddock Tartlets with Watercress and Lemon

Ingredients required:

  • Traditional smoked haddock
  • 4 eggs
  • 150ml double cream
  • Salt & black pepper (for seasoning)
  • Lemon
  • Filo pastry
  • Gruyere Cheese
  • Chives

Please see link below for video recipe:

For further recipes and information on where to purchase traditionally smoked fish, please take a look at their project website:-

Enjoy! and have a great Easter weekend.