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Our Blog

Posted By: Liz Baghurst


Anyone that has experienced applying for funding before will tell you that it can be perplexing, overly time-consuming, complicated and sometimes downright frustrating!

Government bodies for all the talk about cutting red tape, deregulation and private sector approaches are notoriously bad at communicating. Never mind the age of the hashtag and ‘text speak’ we are also in an era of excessive use of anagrams and jargon by Government Bodies which frankly exclude and baffle the majority of us. The European Commission is one of the worst offenders with its use of anagrams…ESF, ERDF, EMFF, FP7, JESSICA .

Is it any wonder why many companies and organisations put funding and grants in the ‘Too Hard Drawer’? 

We often meet companies that report feeling cheated by the system when they have applied for funding only to find that their projects do not fit the criteria or are not able to provide funds in the right timeframe to meet their aspirations.

Well it’s time that we stopped allowing these practises to alienate people from participating and benefiting from funding and grants and make it easier for people to get involved. There will always be anagrams and criteria and processes to adhere to but let’s get the support in place to make these systems work for the business.

Most businesses have regular contact with their Chambers, Business Advisors, Accountants, Bankers, Local Councils. These relationships are the starting point for a discussion about any plans for development and funding and grants should always be on the agenda. 

Our approach in Seafox is to work very closely with each client so that we understand what they are trying to achieve and how their plans may benefit from Government Funding. We have a simple motto which says it all “Don’t spend anything until you have spoken to us”. 

Posted By: Esther Damary-Thompson



“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion” – Georg Hegel

When I first moved to the area The Humber was just a river to me, there was a bridge that crossed it and a man once walked across it.

That was the beginning and the end.

Oh how wrong was I? The Humber is the UK’s Energy Estuary; powering the UK.  Being the UK’s busiest port, it brings everything fuel, food, people and cars. What is even incredible is what comes from the Humber, from the businesses based on the banks.

In my old role I looked at the products that come from the region the medicine from Reckitts, the steel from Tata, traditional Grimsby smoked fish from Grimsby Traditional Smokers Group and even fashion from Stella & Alf. There is no country in the world that has not done business with this region somehow or another…. now is it just me, or is that pretty incredible.

The scale of activity and assets here is like none other, but there is something else that is even bigger… the passion.

Last year I was lucky enough to deliver a series of events whilst in my role at Bondholders with NE Lincs Council. The hunger for innovative thinking, and creative inspiration is clear … with drive like that it is not only The Humber that can create powerful energy and become a key asset for our country but also the businesses here.

Now when I look at the Humber and the see the bridge as I come in, I see the drive, I see the success. It is no longer an Estuary, a port complex… it is my home.

It is a place I am passionate about… and anyone who knows me knows that I am not particularly quiet but when I connect with my passion I cannot stay silent.

So what is my passion – My passion is not the estuary, its not about the boats coming into the ports… it is about some of the incredible people I’ve met here.

These incredible people have done some amazing things and will continue to…



Posted By: Steve Norton




I’m delighted to have been recently appointed Chairman of the Northern Chapter of the British Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (BICC), with effect from 1st January 2014. My appointment follows a period of dormancy in the BICC's activity but I intend to seize this opportunity to re-establish and promote trade opportunities for the mutual benefit of both nations. 

I have great memories and valuable experience of working with the BICC and I’ve been involved with British / Icelandic commercial and cultural links for over 20 years, visiting Iceland many times during that period. It's now my intention to the work with the BICC and its members to grow and enhance important trade links not just for seafood but other tradable commodities. Already we have several events planned over the coming months to promote Anglo/Icelandic initiatives to forge new commercial ties especially bilateral trade between the two Nations.

The first of these events will take place in Leeds in late March or early April and will showcase the export opportunities for businesses in the Humber & Yorkshire region to export their products, services and knowledge to the Icelandic market. The second event will be attendance at the Icelandic Fishery Exhibition, Sept. 25-27, whereby, the Grimsby Fish Merchants Association's 'Seafood Grimsby & Humber' team will join forces together to meet our many Icelandic seafood friends to discuss the importance of their seafood export into our processing cluster. It's initiatives like these that I'm pleased to say have the overwhelming support of both the Icelandic and British Ambassadors - their passion for our bi-lateral trade links makes our trading relationships that more important and unique in many ways. Support also comes from UKTI and BICC Icelandic representatives.

We always recognise that Grimsby and the Humber have well established trade links for the supply of seafood from all over the world. These are longstanding and hugely important trade relations within our area. However, when it comes to fresh fish particularly, Cod and Haddock, Iceland plays an essential role week in and week out, in supplying the seafood primarily to our wonderful Fish Market and has a major impact on our local economy, generating millions of pounds in trade and sustaining thousands of jobs.

I'm very much looking forward to serving the BICC and its northern Chapter to sustain existing trading relations and open up new doors for opportunities that can benefit our local economies and regions.

Steve Norton

Chairman, BICC Northern Chapter

CEO Grimsby Fish Merchants Association.